The Department of Cardiology at Aster Prime hospitals provides a full-spectrum of heart care - from prevention to early detection to complex interventions. With the best of expertise and experience backed by advanced facilities, and latest equipment and technology, the department is fully focused on the diagnosis and treatment of all manifestations of heart diseases. 


•  State-of-the-art ICCU
•  24 hours Emergency Cardiac Consultation
•  Primary Angioplasty
•  2D echo
•  Transoesophageal echo
•  Computerised terminal test
•  Holter monitoring
•  Ambulatory BP Monitoring

Procedures Performed

•  Angioplasty in acute myocardial infraction
•  Angioplasty with stenting in cardiogenic shock on intra-aortic balloon pump
•  Angioplasty in acute coronary syndrome (unstable Angina/ non Q wave MI) Multi-vessel stenting in triple vessel CAD
•  Rotablation, cutting balloon, coated stents, brachytherapy, intravascular ultrasound, excizer, use of Reopro/Integrillin, IABP, percussage protection device, drug eluting stents, etc.
•  Angioplasty in post bypass ptients with occluded grafts (venous&arterial)
•  Carotid artery stenting in stroke/TIA patients
•  Renal artery stenting in renovascular hypertension/renal failure
•  Aortic-iliac, femoral, popliteal,peroneal, subclavian angioplasty and stenting in peripheral vascular disease
•  Septal ablation in hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy
•  Biventricular pacing (cardiac resychronization in) dilated cardiomyopathy
•  Aoratic, pulmonary, tricuspid and mitral valvuloplasty
•  IVC filter and local thrombolytic therapy in pulm0 thrombo embolism with deep vein thrombosis
•  Umbrella closure device in ASD, PDA shunts
•  Balloon Septostomy for Neonates
•  Diagnostic cardiac catheterization in congential heart disease
•  Device closure for congential heat disease in children and adults
•  Permanent implantation VDD, dual chamber pacemaker
•  Electrophysiologic studies with radio frequency ablation in trachyarrythmias
•  Automated implantable cardioversion devices (AICD)
•  Combo Devices (CRTD)