orthopaedics & rheumotology

The Centre of Excellence for Orthopaedics and Rheumatology is a state-of-the-art facility aiming at providing patients of all ages with the best possible care in managing musculoskeletal disorders. Exceptional care is provided for a wide range of issues including knee and shoulder replacement, surface replacement of the hip, arthroscopic surgeries, complex fracture repair and other rheumatic conditions. The department boasts a well-trained and highly skilled team of doctors and surgeons specializing in a number of fields including sports medicine, ortho oncology, pediatric ortho-surgery, spine surgery, microvascular surgery, trauma surgery, rheumatology and physical medicine. The team is ably backed by a group of specialty-trained nurses, patient counsellors and physical rehabilitation therapists. The centre is equipped with a digital Ortho Intensive Care Unit, a state-of-the-art sports medicine division, as well as dedicated units for different kinds of surgeries and rheumatology. The centre also offers 24-hour accident and emergency care apart from day-care surgery and orthopedic rehabilitation.

Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery division takes care of problems associated with the hand, wrist and forearm. The division offers comprehensive care to the most complex hand and upper extremity disorders such as microvascular reconstruction for industrial, domestic and road accident.

Sensor-assisted Surgery

The advanced sensor technology helps surgeon properly balance and position your knee implant. While previously surgeons had to rely on their judgment and experience to balance the knee, the foremost technology is useful for making soft tissue balance a more precise science.