A designated centre of excellence, the MIMS Oncology Centre was established with the vision of providing the best possible care to patients suffering from all type of cancers. The centre features the most advanced technology to diagnose and treat cancer in patients and is staffed by highly qualified and experienced medical, surgical, radiation and palliative oncologists. The experts at the MIMS Oncology Centre adopt a multi-disciplinary approach, always working closely with other departments of the hospital to identify and find a solution to patients’ issues. They also make it a point to hold detailed discussions with the patients with respect to the nature, objective and expected outcome of their treatment plan – be it curative, palliative or preventive in nature - always seeking to assuage fears and make patients comfortable. Psychological counseling, dietary advice and rehabilitative services are also provided to patients.

The MIMS Oncology Centre features separate sections for medical, surgical, radiation and palliative oncology. At the medical oncology section, the patients can receive a diverse range of cancer care, ranging from home-based solution to complex chemotherapy procedures. The centre also features state of the art facilities, including a dedicated apheresis suite, a day care infusion therapy unit, a cryopreservation unit and a step down unit, and is fully equipped for the care and management of critically ill patients. The surgical oncology department offers a wide range of cancer surgeries, performed by some of the most experienced surgeons in the country. Apart from surgeries for cancer in the breast, thoracic region, gastrointestinal and gynaecological systems as well as head and neck, the surgical oncology department also offers advanced organ preservation surgeries including reconstruction surgeries for bone and soft-tissue tumors, limb salvage surgery and complete breast reconstruction surgeries. The radiation oncology section features state of the art radiation therapy equipment capable of delivering high-precision treatment with minimal side effects.